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“Eclipse” movie and book review

The beginning of “Eclipse” was very slow and I struggled to get into the story. I think it was because a large amount of time was spent getting the reader spun up on the events from the last two books. Basically the first 100 pages were a drag. I finally had to start skimming the pages or I was going to end up giving up on the book altogether. This is the first time I’ve had that problem with Stephanie Meyer’s books. I never skipped any material in “Twilight” or “New Moon”. But I sure did in this one. I want to say by chapter four things picked up more and I was able to get back into the story.
Again, I am reading this book almost simultaneously with the movie. The flashback scenes with the Cullen family are the only big thing that seems to be out of order. The rearrangement is acceptable though, because the shuffling of things works well to condense down the plot.
My problem… is how Sam and Leah are Werewolves from the get-go in the movie. But they are not in the book. I actually like the dynamics it creates by having them be wolves from the get-go. There was no real reason to drag it out and not have them be. I didn’t think the “awe” factor that the author was trying to create in the book was worth it. So I preferred how they worked this dynamic into the movie from the start instead of saving it for a surprise later.
The book had another “dragging” point for me; a twenty-six page chapter about the ins and outs to why they can’t have sex. I think it wins the award for the longest non-sexual bedroom scene in a book, ever. Very drawn out and boring.
The last chapter in the book truly surprised me. I was worried when I saw that Stephanie Meyer had chosen to change points of view and speak from Jacob’s perspective. This was done in the 3rd book in the Divergent and Fifty Shades trilogies. And both… horribly failed at it. I was expecting the same flaws; either a Jacob that sounded identical to Bella or a strange cardboard-stereotype that seems fake. But no… Meyer got it right and I felt like I was now inside Jacob’s head. And not only that, but for the FIRST time I actually felt connected to a character. During all three of these books, I have been reading them like an emotionless zombie, completely detached from what Bella is going through. But FINALLY, reading the pain that Jacob was going through and getting a taste of the pack mentality, Meyer managed to reach me and make me get a little teary eyed. Consider me impressed.
I still have a hard time recommending this book to people to read. Normally I’d lean toward a recommendation because as the reader you are already two books invested. But… this book really did drag on. If you are okay with saying farewell to the characters after the first two books, I’d so go ahead and quit while you are ahead. You’ll learn some history in book 3 about the characters but honestly… it’ll take you days if not weeks to read it and you’ll find yourself getting bored. I usually finish books in a day, this one took me three… and it wasn’t entirely due to its extravagant length.
I’m hoping book 4, “Breaking Dawn” makes up for book 3. People are telling me it’s the best in the series. So… check out my review on that book and maybe it will help you decide if muddling through book 3 is worth it.