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Forager, book review

I bought this book so long ago, I don’t even remember why. It was probably on sale for free or a discounted price. Either way, something about it appealed to me and it got added to my kindle collection. At long last, I can say I finally read it. (I’m pretty sure it sat waiting for about two years.)

I’ve read a few dystopian novels, mostly the classics that have been turned into movies. This book does take an original twist on things, as much as it can, anyway. The main character has been genetically enhanced, enabling him to see through metal and in the dark. Its explained that he has bat like vision, but really, he used it like superman. I’m sorry, but bats cannot see inside solid containers. So that bit of fiction must be taken for what it is.

The cultures created in this world, seem like the author is trying to make a point about today’s society, but I never grasped it. I’d almost say the author thought it would ironic to make what seems to be a European based city (Townhome) have the mindset of the ancient Japanese culture, and give the Japanese city a European culture. That aside, it’s much more likely there is some Russian/German cold war thing going on in the European city, and the other town was merely created to be its opposite.

The characters each have a distinct personality, which is good since there are several of them and if they weren’t easily distinguished from each other, it would get confusing. The main character seemingly never gets a break, and by the end of the novel, he’s nearly dead. At least the author kept it realistic and didn’t have the guy bouncing back in a superhero pace from his injuries. Even so, with a history of brain surgery and trauma to his head, he should be a vegetable by now. I’ll be interested to see how his recovery goes in the next novel.

You can tell this is written by a novice. There are typos, common writer beginner errors, ect, but it doesn’t take away from the story. It did get a bit annoying at how long it took the main character to figure out his mystery year of amnesia, mostly due to internal voice comments that were unneeded, but aside from that, I have no complaints on the overall story. *since I bought this two yrs ago, good chance the errors have been corrected by now

The book is a good read for those who enjoy dystopian novels. I’m a bit disappointed the Skel aren’t cannibals or zombies, but instead just another surviving civilization, but meh, it was still an enjoyable novel with plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader guessing.

Forager by Peter R Stone