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Goosebumps, movie review

This movie was much better than I was expecting. The trailer made it seem like it would be full of cheap humor and overdone jokes. I didn’t expect much of a plot. Boy, was I wrong.

Yes, Jack Black adds his own personality to the character he is playing and it almost doesn’t work, but in the end it’s okay. He is playing an odd shut-in type character, so it seems believable.

There are jokes mixed in throughout the story, many more than you have seen in the trailers. There is a sound plot and even some twists that you won’t predict. The effects are well done, I mean, you know most of it is CGI, but it’s still well done.

Kids and adults will enjoy the film, its age appropriate for all. I did see it in 3D, but there were only a few moments where the 3D factor seemed used.