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The Hobbit 2 movie review

I’d accidently watched the first Hobbit movie on HBO, thinking it was a single movie. Little did I know… so now I’ve been duped into needing to see them all.

I originally made this post and stated I had not read the book. I have since read it, so I’m revising the post. I was at disbelief that they managed to make a book that can easily be read in one afternoon, into a three, three hour movies. This has to be one of those rare occasions where it would be quicker to read the book than see the movies.

I was very impressed with the dragon. And was surprised that it was involved in at least an hour of the movie, maybe more. Which was a nice change compared to the mere glimpses you were given in the first movie. Many of the scenes did feel a bit like a video game, like the river barrels and even some of the fight scenes. But this was nice to a degree, the action wasn’t rushed and blurred, you could actually see what was going on.

Some parts were predictable. Which the writers probably didn’t care too much about, because most of the audience has read the book, so the “surprise” factor is already lost.

I would suggest going to see this movie. For a three hour long movie it was very entertaining and did not at all feel like it was three hours long. It is much more action packed than the first Hobbit and quicker paced. I expect the next installment to be much of the same, but I hope its more entertaining than the book. The final scenes in the Hobbit book did seem to drag on.