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Don’t Breathe, movie review

Several potentially good horror movies came out this weekend. So far I’ve only seen this one, but I have to say, the positive reviews are spot on. This film does have a few moments of pure horror movie scare tactics audiences always expect. And even a Cujo moment that I thought was funny. But for the most part this film does things right. The plot unfolds slow enough for you to get attached to the characters. I didn’t want people to die, even though I knew with this kind of movie they most likely would.

There are several unexpected twists in the plot that the trailer gives no indication of. This movie is much more than just a home break in gone wrong. If you are a horror fan, you won’t be disappointed.

Lazarus Effect, movie review

I had high hopes for this movie. I envisioned a movie similar to “Hollowman” with Kevin Bacon and “Deep Blue Sea” with LL Cool J. I know some of you remember those classics. This movie seemed to have the same idea with well intentioned scientists letting things get out of hand.

But this movie tried to rely too much on cheesy scare tactics and adrenaline pumping background music. I mean, sometimes the music would do the drastic change and give away the scare before it would happen. You know how when the masked murderer lunges for his victim and the music suddenly drums out a really loud cord? That kind of thing was common in this movie. And annoying.

The actors gave it their all. But the plot didn’t provide enough back story to enable them to create interesting characters. Instead it was the traditional horror movie where each person got picked off one by one.

And the ending… very creepy. That’s all I’m going to say.

But, it’s only an hour and 23 minutes long. And it does go quickly. If you like cheesy horror movies, then this is a must see. If you don’t… then run away from this movie… run fast and far.