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Hotel Transylvania 2, movie review

The trailers for this movie actually inspired me to go watch the first movie. When does that happen? A sequel looking so good I decide to watch the original that I obviously didn’t think was worth seeing when it was in theaters? Well, I’ll tell you this, the first movie is amazing and a must see. Especially with Halloween coming up. Grab the kiddos and rent “Hotel Transylvania“. You won’t regret it.

Movie two however, was a let down. What made the first movie good was the interaction between Dracula and Jonathan. The bond the two of them form makes for a great story. I mean, it’s a love story, but what makes this movie good is the friendship the two men form.

This relationship is nearly nonexistent in the second movie. They only have a few scenes together. The former star of the first movie, Jonathan, is now reduced to cracking a few jokes as a secondary character that has less screen time than most of the secondary characters. And there are a lot of secondary characters. Jokes that worked well in the first movie are attempted again in this movie, rather than creating new ones.

I would have preferred to see this movie done differently. As a sequel, the bar has to be set a bit lower, so I wouldn’t say you should avoid the movie. But do not expect to be laughing it up as much as you did on the first.

Hotel Transylvania 2