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I feel pretty, Movie Review

Over the years I’ve become less and less a fan of  Amy Schumer. Mostly, when I watched “Trainwreck” and saw her wearing all these clothes that, to me, were inappropriate for her body type. Skirts and shorts that barely cover your butt can only be pulled off by certain people, and she isn’t one of them. I was fearing a butt cheek would be exposed the entire movie. Then, I saw “Snatched,” and it wasn’t too bad, I thought maybe her times of dressing so skimpy were over. I walked into “I Feel Pretty” fully prepared for another dose of seeing her prance around in skirts with her butt hanging out, and sadly, that is majority of what I got to see in the movie. I get it, she believes her legs are her best asset and she wants to show them off as much as possible. But seriously Amy, stop making me live in fear of seeing your butt.

So putting aside that phobia of mine, how was the movie? Well, It was little too heavy on Amy Schumer. There weren’t any other characters for her to share the spotlight with. The other characters in the film confused me, and I had a hard time figuring out if I was supposed to be rooting for them or not.

Yes, the movie does send a good message about how your attitude affects your life much stronger than your looks do, but the message could have been done in a clearer, less confusing way. And with a more likeable character. I mean, the main character was not a likeable person, at all, and it just made the entire movie hard to watch. If there had been a supporting cast member to distract from Amy Schumer’s character a little, like in “Snatched” then it might have worked. But as it is, I found it hard to root for the character or find her relatable.

Good efforts, good intentions, but poorly executed. It is good for some laughs tho, so perhaps people who enjoy Amy Schumer more than I do, will like the movie.