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The Interview, movie review

This movie won me over in the first five minutes. It has Eminem in it! The interview with Eminem set the stage well for the rest of the movie. If you enjoy those first few minutes, you’ll enjoy the entire movie.

There was never a dull moment. And the movie included a serious underplot, so it isn’t all silly jokes. But it really is the witty banter between the two main characters, James Franco and Seth Rogen that make the movie what it is. The bro-love is quite endearing and entertaining.

If you’ve enjoyed other comedies staring Seth Rogen, then you’ll enjoy this one. It reminded me of “Tropic Thunder” but with a different cast. Same kind of humor. Yes, there is a bit of foul language, and lots of sexual jokes. Usually those start to wear on me, but this movie did them in a manner that I found acceptable.

I’d recommend putting aside all the media hype about the movie and go see it if you want to spend a few hours laughing. I promise you’ll be delightfully entertained.