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47 Ronin, seen in theaters

 Aaron and I saw this movie, it was Aaron’s idea. And I’ll admit the trailers made it look like the movie could be good. Most movies Keanu Reeves is in are.
Below is a link to another movie review, and I have to admit, I agree with almost all of his comments. So if you want a very in-depth review, please read his.
As for me, I’ll just give you a few highlights. First off, would I recommend seeing it? NO. I’m betting it’ll be on tv soon, and even then, I’d say only watch it if you want to stare at Keanu Reeves for a while. The leading actress is attractive as well, but again, she’s really only around to stare at. She doesn’t do much the whole movie.
What bothered me the most was the ambush attack towards the end. They were taking out the bad guys with arrows, and all I could think was… there is no way those guys are not letting lose a scream. They were getting shot in the chest! When a good guy gets hit in the chest, he lingers for days. So why are the bad guys dying so quickly they can’t get off a scream to warn their brethren? This also shows how bored I was at this point.
I did look up the so called “this is based on something that really happened”. And yeah, I emphasize the “based” on part. Really, all they got right was the 47 Ronin part. I think they got the number right. There was no white guy, I mean, I could go on and on listing the “there was no this”. Apparently different versions of the historical event have been made into movies, and none of them seem to work out. So I guess the story just doesn’t translate well to the big screen.
Overall the movie was simply boring. And from what I’ve read, I am not alone in this statement. There were maybe ten of us in the theater and it was showing in the tiniest room the theater had. So I’d guess the theaters aren’t expecting big crowds either.