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Lucy (2014) movie review

The trailer for Lucy made it look like the action packed hit movie for the summer! With an all-star cast, Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman, I had high expectations.

The beginning of the movie did not disappoint. The scene cut from current events, Lucy getting tangled up in a drug deal, to videos of a cheetah hunting, effectively showing us in a graphic manner the emotions Lucy was likely feeling. I liked the concept behind the story telling. This visual manner of displaying emotions continued throughout the movie, but to a lesser degree than in the beginning.

I liked how everything was set up. But as they kept piling the powers on, and giving Lucy more and more. Well the story writers encountered a problem. Where do we go from here? We weren’t given a clear explanation as to the limits of her gifts. So it became unbelievable that this little gang of drug lords was really a threat to her.

And once I conflicted with the logic of the movie. The writers lost my interest completely. Lucy appeared fully capable of handling any situation. Yet, she would tell her human allies to go deal with gun fights for her. Really? And what would happen, they would all die. She did this repeatedly. Maybe at that point she was so advanced that she had no regard for human life. In which case, good job writers, you made me hate the main character. I don’t think that was their point, but that’s what they did.

Want an example? In a car chase, the cop riding with her said, “I’m going to tell them to stop following us.” (It was his fellow cops chasing them.) And Lucy told him don’t bother. Why? Cause she did some fancy driving, and got a good portion of them killed in car accidents. Oh, okay, you’re right, it’s easier to just kill all my cop friends, rather than me give them a call.

The movie isn’t bad. Go see it if you like. But the ending is a mess. So, er, feel free to leave early or take a nap after the first forty minutes.