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The Dark Wolf of Lost Hollow, book review

This book was a quick read, really a short story novella more than a novel. The plot was a twist on the ongoing debate of who is hotter to be with? A vampire or a werewolf? This book goes with, why decide? Be with both.

I wasn’t a fan of the twist where the girl is declared to secretly be a fairy. It seemed a little too copy-cattish from the True Blood/Sookie Stackhouse Novels to me. But it’s hard to be original when you are dealing with vampires and werewolves, so I’ve just come to expect such things when I’m reading this genre of books.

The characters had enough development and back story that I felt this novella could have been a full-length novel. I was disappointed by how short it ended up being.

If you are looking for a M/M/F erotica that’s a quick read, this is a good book to pick up. Even if you aren’t into the werewolf/vampire scene, you’ll enjoy it.

The Dark Wolf of Lost Hollow, by M.K. Barrett

Monster, by M.K. Barrett, book review

I normally don’t like books in a medieval/fantasy setting. Most of them just aren’t written well. But after reading the free sample on Amazon, I realized this book might be an exception. I was already hooked.

There is all this lead up with the main character, Mirabella, getting married to a guy who is going to abuse and rape her. It’s a medieval setting, where she is a commoner who catches the eye of a prince. I’m like, this is gonna be like some twisted fantasy version of “Fifty Shades of Gray”, right? Cause the scenes where the prince is teasing her, she actually likes it.

But then, on the wedding night, before they actually have the sex… she jumps out the window and runs away! Totally escapes!! Now I’m sure I was supposed to be rooting for her. But honestly I was disappointed. There was all this lead up and then it didn’t happen.

So I started skimming. Cause I was like, if her husband doesn’t catch and rape her, this book isn’t worth reading. Well, my skimming showed me that she goes to a cave, meets a monster who has a “manhood” as big as your arm. They fall in love and make love. Then this green guy shows up, some aquatic monster. He has sex with her, also has a huge manhood. Then the two male monsters have sex. Then they all have sex. And then they find her husband that she ran away from and they roast and eat him.

And I’m only halfway into the book. Talk about plot twisters.

I went back and read the parts I’d originally skimmed, even though I never got my husband rape, the book had earned a read anyway.

After a lot of monster romance, Mirabella runs away. This girl likes to run away. After several more, near rapes, (I never do get a real rape, *sigh*), she ends up being taken to a village of people where her grandmother lives. Their leader raped her for two weeks, or made love, I dunno, it was hard to figure out which. Then he got upset cause they didn’t bond. (oh yeah, her people can only bond to one person, the first person they mate with. But she’s special and can bond with more than one, so… she’s normal?) Anyway, they did bond but he didn’t think they did, guess it gets hard to tell when you’ve bonded with like a dozen people. So he decides to execute her, but their form of execution is twisted, like something out of a Saw movie. They whipped her, did some other stuff, and then stuffed a device in her that would spring open and cut her up from the inside.

Wow, right? In the end she sorts out her human-monster polygamy relationship and it ends happily ever after.

So… it was an amazing read and I’m giving it five stars. It’s written very well, especially considering the genre. Like I said, I normally avoid medieval fantasies because they are written horribly. Although some of the events are a bit crazy, it all makes sense with the plot and the rules of this author’s world stays consistent. My only warning to readers is, be prepared for the fact this is a dark erotica, and that it’s very graphic.

Monster by MK Barrett