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Mad Max, original and 2015 comparison, plus review

I have no idea why this movie is labeled as a remake. The only thing this movie has in common with the original 1979 movie is the name and the fact there is a man named Max in them. No joke.

Yes, both have some car chases, if you could call what occurs in the new Mad Max movie a car chase. That’s debatable.

To sum it up, original Mad Max takes place in a world much like today. It’s about cops (one of which is Max) who are having trouble with a biker gang. Deaths occur on both sides and after Max’s wife and child are killed, he goes off on a vendetta and murders the entire gang.

The new movie. In a world unlike today, it’s very dystopian, in a desert, where most of the world is uninhabitable. We see visions that Max’s family is already dead. He’s a rogue, off on his own. He’s taken captive by a tribe and used as a “bloodbag” to keep a warrior alive. Majority of the movie is a long car chase, in very strange vehicles—one is a mobile stage where a live band performs. The reason for the chase is simple, the pregnant brides of the tribe leader are making a run for it, and of course the leader wants them back.

So comparison aside, would I suggest seeing the new movie? It’s not for everyone, I’ll say that right away. It’s for people who love action oriented movies. It has a plot, but it’s mostly all about the action. There’s a lot of gore too, bad language and very crude behavior. These folks do not have manners. If you want a movie where you will be cringing in revulsion—me and a stranger who were both alone glanced at each other at one point, shook our heads and mouthed “what the fuck?”— then this movie is for you.