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Captain America, Civil War, movie review

Captain America

I used to be that guy who watched all of the movies that correlated to the new film before I went to see the new installment. But Marvel has simply made too many for that to be plausible. I mean, the tv shows alone, I’ve never watched and am now so far behind… So I just went and judged the film as a standalone. Which is hard to do, because the film is nearly force-ably interwoven with all the other movies. Which left me feeling out of the loop and not sure if I was missing pieces of the story because I’d missed some tv special or if the gap was intention.

Aside from my confusion as to the multiple story lines, I was also annoyed with the action scenes. They were done in this stop-go fashion that make them not seem done in real time. As if the people are moving at superhuman speeds and we are only able to see them between rapid eye blinks. Really, it just made it hard to figure out what was going on.

What I took from this plot was, rather than create a new enemy, the idea was to pit the characters against each other, all so we can watch them fight and see their awesome powers. I did like the fact that we are now being shown the negative side and the “what happens” after the world is rescued. We are seeing the collateral damage, the people who aren’t so pleased that these heroes showed up. What hurt this movie, is the fact this is the third movie in the last few months to tackle this issue… so it’s already getting a bit old.

I’ll still go see the next movies that come out, because they are usually good for a few laughs and the story is entertaining. But do be prepared to feel a little left out if you aren’t a diehard fan.


Ant-man, movie review

The reviews and common feedback I’ve heard for this movie is all positive. However, when I viewed it, I would rate the movie as “okay” and nothing more.

To me, the movie writers came up with a bunch of cool ideas that would involve bugs and a tiny person. Then they built a story around that. So, the effects and action are very good, but the story is lacking. For majority of the movie, I was bored. Two hours was way too long, and I was antsy to get out of there, pun intended.

I’ll admit, I am getting tired of the Marvel movies. They all have a similar formula, are all intertwined and the more of them they make, the harder is it to keep up. The Marvel movies were great at the start. I loved the first five. However, Ant-man will be the last one I see.

Guardians of the Galaxy, movie review

I didn’t realize “Guardians of the Galaxy” was tied into the other marvel movies until I was already there watching the film. This movie has a different feel to it and stands completely on its own, the links to the other movies are minuet.

It’s always nice to have characters that have flaws. It makes them feel more real. This movie succeeds at that. Everyone in the movie makes mistakes and learns from them. Yes, it’s your typical self-centered bad guy turned good story, but it’s told in an original and humorous way. There was never a moment in the film where I felt bored.

The music in the movie is what makes it different and incomparable to other movies. And in many ways, it keeps you grounded to reality. It’s not a movie about a bunch of aliens, it’s about a guy from earth who was abducted. Listening to the music from his home world is what keeps him and us (the audience), able to a grasp at something familiar in an otherwise alien reality.

It makes it all more believable and relatable. And that’s how you engage your audience. Make them feel like yup, I could see myself doing that.

So yes, if you haven’t already, go see “Guardians of the Galaxy”. If you haven’t seen the other Marvel movies, don’t let that deter you. You’ll get some laughs and if you were alive in the 80s, you’ll get some extra laughs and experience a few moments of nostalgia.

Movie Review for “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”

Ever since the Marvel movies started the endeavor of interlinking different movies together, I have been impressed at the seamlessness of it all. I’ve even gone so far as to re-watch all of the movies before I go see the new edition. No joke. But as more and more Marvel movies come out, and now there’s even a television series… the task of keeping up with it all took more effort than I was willing to give.
I’ve seen a few minutes of the television show, here and there, but didn’t find the motivation to watch it. Right there, I knew I was going to be at a disadvantage watching the new Captain America movie. But I still went, because the first one impressed me. And even if you don’t catch all the tie ins that the diehard fans do, you can usually still enjoy the movie.
But, for me, this movie focused too much on explaining a very complicated and twist filled conspiracy. I liked the heartwarming moments, the little side puns, even though some were a little cliché, the actors still did a good job delivering them. But so much effort was put into explaining the big conspiracy, that I found myself bored with it all. I’m all for a good “thinking” movie, with an unpredictable ending. But not when its hashed together with elaborate fight scenes. I felt like the whole movie was overthought, like the directors put too much effort into EVERYTHING. We were supposed to be trying to solve the mystery, but we weren’t given the tools to do so, and instead had to wait for the long banter filled scenes to come and explain it to us.
Don’t get me wrong, the movie wasn’t bad. For what it is, it was a good movie. Nothing near the first Captain America, or Iron Man, but it’s still worth seeing. I did see it in 3D and I liked how some of the scenes were shot from angles that amplified the 3D effect. It wasn’t your typical, throwing things at you, like most do. It was much more artful and subtle.
So yes, I’d say go see it. Especially if you like action scenes, because there are plenty of those. But if you get bored… don’t say I didn’t warn you.