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Winchester, movie review

So, I normally don’t see movies about hauntings or that seem possibly based on cheap tactics to get a jump out of the audience. I usually don’t enjoy them, so keep in mind my bias as you read this.

The movie was a bit like “The Sixth Sense” in that it tricks you into thinking people are real and then you find out they were ghosts. Sadly, since “The Sixth Sense” was so popular, whenever another movie does it, they are going to be pegged as a copycater. This film did do it well, but it still falls in the “it’s been done” category. Most of the “surprises” can be predicted, at least if you go to the movie and put effort into trying to predict things.

Overall, to me the film was a 90 minute commercial to stir up interest in the historical house, which is a real house that does ghost tours. Don’t get me wrong, the movie is good. The acting is sound, it has a plot, there are twists, and you even learn a bit about history. So if you like a good tale about ghosts, you shouldn’t be disappointed. Will you be jumping out of your seat in fright? Or squirming from the gore? Meh, unlikely. But you will want to go visit the house!!!