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The Secret Life of Pets 2, movie review

This movie adds enough new content to be superior to most sequels. There are several story lines occurring at the same time, which will keep adult viewers engaged. There are cute moments, that will make you think, “my pet does that!” and of course outrageous things that will either earn an eye roll or a burst of laughter.

I’d suggest any fan of the first movie, go see this one. Kids in the theater with me were well entertained as well. The plot also had enough twists that I didn’t find it predictable. And there are some great one liners.

Pet lovers, should truly enjoy it.

Independence Day : Resurgence, movie review

I watched the original movie from 1996 a day before I went to see the new sequel. I would recommend doing this, if you want to fully grasp all the elements going on in the film.

What I enjoyed the most is the fact the movie takes place twenty years after the events in the first film, and the movie is actually being made twenty years later! So the actors and actresses are all naturally aged. Nearly every character from the first film makes a cameo in the new installment.

The plot, kind of predictable, I mean, when they shoot the orb without cause, you pretty much know it was a mistake and that they were likely here to help Earth. The lesson must be learned the hard way, so the movie has more to work though. The effects are what make this film stand out a bit more than its predecessor.

The mind boggler for me was that they somehow managed to make this 2016 film feel like a 1996 film. I mean, the acting style, the comedic jokes, all stuff you’d expect to see in a 1996 movie, not one of today. I don’t know if that hurt or helped the film, but hopefully the diehard fans appreciated it.

Do I recommend the movie? Meh, if you want a nostalgic trip back to the 90’s, then sure. Otherwise, there are way better movies out there about alien invasions.

Movie Review on “Nebraska”

When the Oscar nominations come out, my interest is always peaked and I’ll usually pick a few of the winners and nominated films to watch. This year was no different. Nebraska was the first on my Oscar list to watch.
Now being from Nebraska myself, I intended to watch this film regardless. It just wasn’t in the movie theaters near me for very long. So I had to wait for the DVD. Sadly this means by the time I was settling down to watch the film… I’d already heard a lot of reviews that the movie now had to live up too.
I can tell a lot of effort went into the black and white effect and they did a very good job at it. This movie was focused on subliminal messages. You could tell every angle was well thought. And this careful attention to detail followed through to the dialog and expressions on each actor.
The plot, very simplistic, but that didn’t matter, sometimes a plot doesn’t need to be gripping to be good. The closest movie I can compare it to would be “About Schmidt” from 2002. Same slow paced, heartwarming story about an elderly man and his quest across the midlands.
Now I may be judging the movie harshly because of the all the hype I heard about it before I saw it. But to me… this movie was more something that should have been aired on the Hallmark Channel. The only difference between “Nebraska” and the regular Hallmark Channel movies… was the budget. You could tell that since they had a bigger budget and some big names, they were able to produce the movie in a higher quality.
So if you like the heartwarming stories, like “About Schmidt” or “Old Yeller” then sure, go see it. If the plot gets boring for you, there are quite a few good lines that you are bound to laugh at. And overall the Cinematology is amazing.
I will admit it took me a moment to place the actor Will Forte. Once I did… I was blow away. I was such a huge fan of his role from SNL as MacGruber. It was nice to see that he is a well-rounded actor, capable of playing both comedy and drama roles.

The LEGO Movie, seen in theaters

Even though this was advertised as a children’s movie, the trailers made it seem hilarious for all ages so I was very eager to see it. We waited and went to a weeknight evening showing, and effectively avoided the mobs of children. There were literally ten people in the theater with us.
Much like the trailers display, the dialog is one witty punch line after another. At first the plot seemed a little… childish and I was worried it might be going nowhere. Then I was confused and actually had to ask my husband what the “relic” was. I was only seeing the story from the LEGO’s perspective and was missing the big picture. Once he filled me in, I saw the story from a whole new aspect. There is even a surprise twist toward the end.
The computer animation is so amazing you’ll find yourself wondering if they made it with stop-motion animation (I checked, they did not). If you are into the 3D movies, I would recommend spending the extra money and seeing it in 3D. We did not, because I just don’t like the 3D movies. But this one would have been cool to see.
The movie also has a moral to it, which is rare in movies these days. So I highly suggest taking your kids. The LEGO Company definitely knew what they were doing when they made this one. From a certain angle you could argue the movie was nothing but a giant commercial. But it was a pretty darn good commercial if you ask me.

“The Nut Job” Seen in theaters

I went to this movie with a friend and her kids. I’ll admit I waited a few weeks before posting a review of the movie. Mostly because there just isn’t much to say about it. It was an enjoyable movie. But… there was nothing about the movie to make it… special. Good theme, good characters, plenty of humor. Would I suggest seeing it? Sure, especially if you have kids. From what I saw of the kids I was with and the others in the theater, it was a smash hit with the younger crowd. But for those of us who are older… you may find it a bit predictable. I think the whole woodland creature theme has just been a bit overdone as of late.

The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature

Lone Survivor, seen in theaters

I’ve heard nothing but good reviews for this movie. But in general people, especially Americans, are prone to praising “war movies”. Sitting in the theater I couldn’t help but think I was watching the next generation of “war movies”. The theater was mostly full of older veterans, and there was no shortage of older gentlemen giving out a comment or two during the movie.
The debate will be never ending as to how much is actually “true”. Yes, it was based on a true event, but we all know that term can be used very loosely. And considering only one guy survived, we are all at the mercy of his interpretation of the events.
My only complaint was the graphicness of all the horror. I almost felt this movie should be labeled more as a slasher horror than a war movie. But the reason behind it tied into the plot, so although it left me squirming for a good portion of the movie, they made it work. It wasn’t pointless beatings and gore just for the point of more gore.
I had anticipated being more emotionally moved by the movie. This was what everyone told me I would encounter. Perhaps it was the gore that forced me to start shutting down emotionally. But I found myself quite detached by the end… I was told I’d start crying when the photos started rolling with the credits. Instead I was mapping out an escape plan to exit the theater before all the retirees blocked me.
So would I suggest going to see it? Yes, it was a good movie. But go with an empty stomach and expect to see a lot of blood. This movie leaves nothing to the imagination.