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Flutter, (3rd book in my blood approves series) by amanda Hocking, book review

This book continued the love triangle between Peter, Jack and Alice. Alice is now with Jack and all seems well. Except now, we are being shown the truth behind Peter’s actions and we find out he is actually in love with Alice. Everything he did was to benefit her. And Jack now seems like a selfish jerk.

So me, the reader, is now rooting for Alice to be with Peter. When I figured out this is never going to happen, my desire to read the book dwindled. Because now, I dislike Alice for continuing to be with Jack when Peter has now been painted as the better match for her.

I mean, the poor guy keeps making sacrifices for Alice and never getting her, he just gets more miserable. Who wants to read about that?

The fourth book looks to be more of the same. And there’s no fifth book on the horizon.


My Blood Approves, by Amanda Hocking, book review

The beginning of this book was a bit rough for me. It read too similar to the other young adult romance books out there. Unnaturally attractive guy, everyone stares at him, ogles, ect, but he only has eyes for one girl, the one girl who isn’t ogling at him, at least not ogling quite as much.

Yup. I kept going, not sure why, glutton for punishment or maybe I was just sitting in a waiting room for five hours with nothing better to do… ahem. Anyway, once I reached the halfway mark, the book took a dramatic twist and became wildly original. Like, my jaw dropped and I was like, wow, did not see that coming.

There’s a love triangle. Go figure, right? But hang in there with me. There’s magic stuff going on and she and Peter, are basically meant for each other. There’s a pull, forcing them to want each other. But Peter is super dark and doesn’t want to like her. And Peter’s brother, mister ogles mentioned in the opening paragraph of this review, falls in love with the chick too. And they have real love, like created from friendship.

But mister ogles can’t act on it, cause she belongs to Peter. So there’s a lot of tension because she wants to be with both. And they both want to drink her blood, its a sexual thing or something.

So yeah, at first I was going to say, skip this book, nothing new. Like, the first half really is bad. But I’m a sucker for the twisted, torn, love story gone awry. So I was hooked in the second half.

Sadly it looks like this triangle gets dragged out for several books, and I don’t know if its resolved in the installments currently out, which could get annoying. But… for now, I like where this is going so I plan to give the next book a try.

I’d recommend it if you are a twilight or romance vampire fan. But, be prepared to roll your eyes a lot in the first half.