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Donnie Darko Girl’s book review of “Amaranthine”

Part of my virtual book tour, another book blogger has reviewed my novel. This one has no spoilers. Here’s a sample from her review.

Amaranthine is a novel I believe will appeal to fans of any or all of the genres it includes. It gives a fresh take on zombies – they aren’t all like the zombies you’re used to – and I loved the space travel aspect of the novel. I haven’t seen a novel mixing these genres together before, and it’s a cleverly written mashup of horror, fantasy, and sci-fi. And there are unicorns! Did I mention unicorns?!”

To see the whole review please visit her blog: Donnie Darko Girl

Day #2 of my virtual book tour!

Today is the second day of my virtual book tour for Amaranthine! Be sure to check out my interview with Emily!

To view the entire book tour, hosted by Sage’s Blog Tour, go here

Two signed copies of my book will be given away at the end of the tour.