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Nobody’s Fool, Movie Review

To me, this movie was like a hallmark movie channel Christmas special. Without the Christmas.

So yeah… I wasn’t having a great time.

The trailer made me think this was going to be a sort of revenge movie. The one sister gets out of prison and finds out her sibling is being catfished by a guy, so they go seek revenge on him. That’s what I thought I was going to see, but its not what it turns out to be.

First, I couldn’t figure out why the guy was catfishing the girl. Usually its done to get money, but he wasn’t. What guy just calls a girl and pretends to love her? Was I supposed to believe he just got a kick of out of making girls fall for him? So when (spoiler alert) it turns out the guy is real, I wasn’t all that shocked. No duh he’s real, cause there was never a reason for him not to be.

So the real plot is about the girl breaking the heart of the coffee shop guy, and then doing it again, and again. You get a happy end, eventually, but it takes forever to get there. And I was having a hard time believing the coffee shop guy was as emotional as they portrayed him. He was totally playing the role of every woman’s dream guy–who doesn’t exist. We even get to see him make the “O” face as he climaxes. I was like, what the F am I watching… what man does that? You don’t even see that in porn. It was very weird. There were only five of us in the theater and I was not alone in laughing at that scene.

I started closing my eyes and sleeping a bit through some parts, cause the movie was so long and had the main characters just repeating their actions from before. It was over two hours long and after an hour and half, I just wanted it to end. I really wanted to leave.

So… don’t see it. Go watch some Hallmark Channel movies instead.