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Overlord, Movie review

Watching this movie reminded me of a good old video game to movie adaptation. Surprisingly, its not based directly on any video game, although the theme of killings Nazis and zombies is one seen in many.

The effects are the best part of the film. All the blood, guts, and gore, seem and feel, very real. The actors are also amazing at expressing their anguish, both the ones who are injured and the ones who are watching their friends suffer. I was squirming in my seat a lot during the second half of the film.

The plot is unique, to me anyway. The film is focused on being a war movie, with a simple mission. And it stays focused on that. Air drop some men in and take out a radio tower. Never did the soldiers give up on that mission, even as the unnatural events started occurring. Keeping the actor’s reactions true, and not taking the fantasy parts to any extremes, kept the movie grounded. The believably is what made it ring true and keep an audience engaged.

Now yes, there were the normal moments as seen in any horror movie, where you are wondering how the Nazi solders didn’t see him sneaking by, or why they didn’t close a door to shut the monster out, and so on, but to me, those were forgivable because the people were in shock and not thinking clearly.

Overall, I give the movie a must see for anyone who enjoys a good horror with lots of gore.