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Jinn, movie review

Even after watching a trailer, I wasn’t certain what the plot of this film was. But Ray Park had a leading role in it, so I had to check it out. He is normally hired for his martial art skills, so usually he doesn’t have a speaking role. I was delighted that he actually did have dialogue in this movie! Love his accent.

The movie itself—total eyesore. The effects were vintage, the story was about as unoriginal as they come, although some aspects were unpredictable because they were just so strange. Apparently the best tactic for an all powerful monster to utilize while killing you—is grabbing your shoulders and pushing you against a wall. It’s a great movie to sit down with and watch with a bunch of friends—and make fun of. You know how Sharknado is so bad its good? This movie is close to that. It’s a horror that comes off as a joke and if you make your own entertainment while watching it, you’ll have a good time.