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Rough Night, movie review

So this is one of those films where most of the negative reviews seem to come from people who didn’t actually see the movie. The complaints people made, I didn’t really see.

When I saw the trailers, I immediately thought this was a remake of “Very Bad Things” done this time with women. Kind of like how Ghost Busters was redone. Girls getting together to have a bachelorette party and accidently killing the stripper, how can that not be “Very Bad Things?”

The movie added plenty of originality, and unlike the male version, the girls do not turn on each other. I found the script had plenty of heart and for a comedy, a decent plot. The actresses all worked well with each other and the chemistry showed on the screen. I wasn’t a fan of the subplot with the fiancé, but that’s just me. I’m sure others will get a few chuckles out of it. The ending does stretch things a bit and I would have liked to see more of the conclusion, like when the cops were finally called in to deal with the murder.

Overall, it was a decent a comedy