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Southpaw, movie review

This movie was more graphic than I was expecting. The story and acting were spot on, meeting and exceeding my expectations. But this is not a Rocky boxing movie. This film shows you the dirty side of boxing that will make you squirm in your seat.

First the main actor mainly does his defense, by blocking his opponents blows with his face. The opening scene is a bloodbath. I was stunned and more than a little nauseous. This is vital to the plot though, and the characters fighting skills evolve, as does his character by the end of the movie.

We are also shown how people will flock to you when you are rich and quickly desert you once things get rough. I was amazed at how nearly every dark side of boxing was exposed in this firm. From set-up matches where an opponent is paid to lose the game is touched on to boxers losing their eyesight from being punched.

If you can handle the very real fight scenes and the blood, I have no doubt you will enjoy this movie.

On a side note, the child actor in the movie is amazing and I look forward to seeing her in future films.