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Terminator Genisys, movie review

I hadn’t heard much about this movie, and what little I did hear wasn’t good. After two weeks of stalling, I finally decided to give the film a try. I was pleasantly surprised.

The movie did a nice combination of the original movies and the new. It almost took heed from the recent Star Trek movies by creating an alternate timeline where they can now have anything occur.

The action is nearly non-stop, there are very few moments in the movie where the story slows. The twists in the plot keep coming and if you have to step away from the movie for any reason, you can expect to be a bit lost when you return. Trust me, I know from experience.

Although there is some violence, okay a lot, otherwise this movie is kid friendly. The plot may be a little too complicated for some to fully understand, but I expect they will still be highly entertained.

I would recommend the movie for anyone who enjoys a good action movie or liked the other terminator movies. The plot, acting and effects are all spectacular.