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The Judge, movie review

I was on the fence with this movie and then I overheard some coworkers saying it was good, like really laying on the “you should see it”. And then another person told me they were anxious to see it. So I was like, eh, it looks like a nice heartwarming film. Maybe something like “Nebraska” or “God is for Real.” (Both were excellent)

When I walked into the theater, I already knew something was awry. The people present were all Robert Downey Jr age or older. I mean, there were people with oxygen masks and wheelchairs. Already, I knew I was not the target audience. But eh, that doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy it, right?

Try as I might, I could not connect to a single character. The plot does throw a few “surprises at you” but they are all clique, been done, seen it in other movies. An example, and spoiler, (sorry but it must be done to get my point across). Main character makes out with a cute chick in a bar. Later we find out she’s the daughter of his high school girlfriend. (shocker, but been done, right?) Then they draw it out for the whole movie, not saying if it’s his kid or not. When they finally tell us the answer, it’s another clique, that’s all I’m gonna say.

Another clique example, brother of the main character (Downey) had a future ahead of him as a pro athlete. Drunk driving accident ruins his career, guess who was driving? Downey. The third brother had down syndrome and it never played a role in the plot. I think they put him in there just to add some more emotion. It could have worked, if they’d given him more of a purpose.

The actors tried. But none of the actors were a good fit for the movie. I seriously think the movie would have been better with lessor known actors. The all-star cast just made it worse. Cause you knew—you just knew—they could do better.

This movie, I say, avoid at all costs. Unless you are just a huge fan of Robert Downey Jr or Robert Duvall. Cause they do get plenty of screen time and you’ll get to stare at them a lot. There is a nude scene with Duvall, if that rocks your boat. And Downey flashes his “too-perfect for this role” abs.

Nah, I digress, this movie could be good. But I’d suggest it only if you are Downey’s age or older. You will then be able to relate to the characters more. If you are thirty or younger… wait a few decades.