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The Purge: Anarchy, Movie review

In case you didn’t see Purge 1, the plot can be summed up rather quickly. Its a home invasion, made extreme. This movie relied too heavily on having the actors be stupid. If the people had any kind of brain there wouldn’t have been a movie. They were a few attempts at plot twists but they were undermined by the believability of, “would a person really do that?”

The setting for Purge 2 helped it greatly. We are seeing the purge on a much larger scale. So the director had more to work with. The acting was on par with what you’d expect to see in a horror movie. The dialog was a bit hard to listen too. It felt too much like “time fillers” as we had our actors travel from one disaster to another. Someone really needs to tell the director that silence is okay.

There were constant twists in the plot. Most of the time you could predict when one of those “twists” was coming. But guessing what the twist was going to be, not easy. So in that aspect the movie was entertaining.

There were a lot hidden messages in the movie. Well, they weren’t really hidden, but it was nice of them to try to put some meaning behind the gore. Most horror movies don’t attempt that.

If you are itching to see an action-packed horror movie, Purge 2 will fit the bill. Since it’s only 90 minutes long, the shortfalls in the movie are forgivable. Don’t bother with Purge 1 though. There are no tie-ins from one movie to the other. Aside from the fact it’s the some dystopian world that has purge events.