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The Shape of Water, movie review

I never saw this movie in theaters, I didn’t even add it to my to-see list when it got several Oscar nominations and a few wins. Somehow a movie where both main characters can’t talk, didn’t seem appealing. It didn’t help that the trailers gave me no real idea what the film was about.

And so, it took me seeing a few scenes while it was airing on HBO to finally convince me to give this movie a go.

I’m glad I did. The secondary characters truly shine, with a bubbly chatter-box coworker and struggling artist / gay man as a neighbor, the movie is filled with plenty of dialogue. The villains of the film add a comical twist, reminding me of old Bullwinkle cartoons. There is one musical number that is oddly placed, but musical numbers seem to be “in” right now in Hollywood, so I can’t blame the writers for putting it in there.

The plot is very sound and has elements nearly everyone will be able to relate to. Its very grounded and shows the audience how even the most normal and inconsequential of people, can rise to be the hero.