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Truth or Dare, Movie Review

I took a gamble with this movie. The trailer make it hard to get a good feel for if it would be good or bad.

I will say the gamble paid off, the movie is one of the best horrors I have seen in a while.

Unlike most horror movies, the logic behind the curse makes sense. Its actually a well thought plot. And once you realize its a trickster behind everything, the dares start to make more sense. The demon or trickster is intentionally doing things to people to cause angst in their lives and get the most entertainment from their suffering as it can.

The acting was also impressive. I mean, some weren’t being given the best lines or material to work with, but they made it work surprisingly well. Much better acting than normally seen in a scary movie.

The film isn’t overly filled with gore either. The camera is usually titled away when the true gore would be visible. The creepiest part is really the extra big smiles on people’s faces.

In all, the movie reminded me of horror movies from the 90’s like “Scream.” And I would strongly recommend it if you enjoyed those movies or horror/scary movies in general.