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“New Moon” book and movie review

These books are really long… as are the movies. I actually started reading a chapter, then watching a scene in the movie, so that I could take breaks but still make progress, lol. Yes, people told me this process was a bit odd. But the movie and book follow each other fairly well so this was easy to do. There are a few scenes in a different order or combined, something that a person would probably only notice if they were doing this scene/by chapter stuff like I was.
As with the first book, the movie now makes so much more sense. I understand the bond that formed between Jacob and Bella when Edward was gone. And the anguish that Bella feels when Edward is gone is much more vivid. Still… after the reading the entire book, the reasons behind Edward leaving are still just weird. I sorta get the meaning, but the more it’s dissected in the book, the more… stupid and silly it becomes. The comparisons between Romeo and Juliet are frequent in the book. And really, I don’t think they apply to the scenario nearly as much as Meyer wants us to believe.
I was hoping the book would explain the ghostly Edward visions that Bella sees when she is in danger. But… in the book it’s actually concluded that it’s all in Bella’s head. Edward wasn’t reaching out to her at all. Some people who have written movie reviews said comments like, “why doesn’t Edward use this power more?” They obviously haven’t read the book… It’s not a power he has. Bella is just hallucinating.
Another point that I never got is that the Werewolves are only in each other’s heads when they are in wolf form. Totally not what I got from the movies. But it’s stated clearly in the book. And it makes sense, would def help them “talk” to each other when they are in wolf form. And they wouldn’t need this form of communication in human form.
One thing that bothered me was that the wolves can block Alice’s power… but not Edward? I would think if they were immune or blocked one vampire’s gift, they would be able to block them all. Yet another preference Meyer made that I don’t agree with, just like I still think everyone’s powers are a little more excessive than they need to be.
But Meyer did keep her wonderful descriptions in place. I have never been to Italy, so I don’t know firsthand how well her descriptions of the country are. But it seemed very accurate to me. She is definitely skilled at describing her characters and the environments they are in. Again, this is what keeps her books believable, even though the characters are doing utterly fantastical things.
If you made it through “Twilight” I’d say proceeding and reading book 2 in the saga is worth it. But it does drag on with an internal monologue in a quite a few parts, otherwise, no real complaints.