Stuber, Movie Review

So I’m a fan of Kumail Nanjiani but not a fan of Dave Bautista. So I was on the fence about seeing this. Since I was unsure which actor would dominate the movie. So keep in mind my opinion of the movie might be bias because of this.

So, as usual, Dave’s acting wasn’t what I would call acting. He performs with a stone face and every line is given with no emotion. Anyone can do that. Sadly, it seemed Kumail also took this stance for most of his character’s screen time too. There were some one liners that came across great, and the chemistry between the two was given a good attempt. The plot was weak, and events too convenient and predictable. Its the classic dirty cop mixed with let’s solve the case type stuff.

The movie tried to be like a remake of “Taxi” from 2004 with Queen Latifah and Jimmy Fallon. The story plot was about the same, only with the twist of an Uber and an electric car, instead of the enhanced taxi Latifah drove. Sadly, the acting wasn’t as strong, so the movie, in my opinion, wasn’t as good. To be fair, it wasn’t one single person’s fault. The entire movie was a mash up of things that didn’t fit, like the movie was going through an identity crisis and the audience was along for the ride.

So… as much as I like Kumail and I like the general premise behind the film, I have to say, this is a skip it movie. 😦



Yesterday, movie review

As seems to be the theme right now, yet another movie is out about famous musicians. This one, isn’t quite like the others. Which is why you may be finding mixed reviews for it.

If you are going to this movie because you loved the Beetles, and you are hoping this tale will tell you about them in some fun biography type fashion, you are going to be disappointed. This is not a movie about the Beetles. I repeat, this is not a movie about the Beetles.

This is a movie about a musician no one has heard of but nearly everyone can relate to. He wants to be discovered but just doesn’t have the special something that will boost him to stardom. His life is amazingly relatable, and when fate makes him special–a black out that alters reality just a bit, and he is one of the few people who remembers how things used to be–he has a chance to become more. Its like when you know the future, and decide to buy a lottery ticket or create an invention that someone else did, only in this movie, its about stealing music that no longer exists.

The Beetles is simply a band that met what the movie needed. Super popular, made a lot of songs, and yes, influenced the world quite a bit.

The movie focuses on this struggling musician’s life. His friends, his choices, and his life. And if you walk into the theater, fully aware and expecting that, then you should enjoy the movie. Its a romantic comedy with a side theme of music.

Now that aside, it is a bit long. I’ll admit there are some parts of the movie that drag on, regardless of what you are expecting the film to be. But overall, its an okay date movie, and you’ll get to hear some good old classics.

Toy Story 4, movie review

Who would have thought this franchise would keep going? What’s even more shocking, is who would have thought the fourth installment is actually better than several of the ones that came before it? Yup. I dare say, this one was on level with the FIRST Toy Story movie.

The film definitely jumped on the feminist wagon. Making the former sweet damsel of Bo Peep, into a street fighting independent woman, who takes every opportunity she can to emasculate Woody. It worked better than I’ve seen in other movies, but personally I was annoyed, because it seems like every movie is doing this.

Buzz didn’t show any growth in the movie, he was pushed to be a side character, so if you are a big fan of him, you may find the movie disappointing.

The toys interact with humans a lot more than before, even letting humans hear their voices! So a bit more liberty was taken in this film.

The new character, Forky, is what makes the movie spectacular. His lines and behavior will make nearly anyone chuckle. And if there is a Toy Story 5, I hope Forky plays a large part in it, because he was a great creation!


The Dead Don’t Die, Movie Review

I was eager to see another zombie movie with Bill Murray in it. However, the movie was not comparable to his other feature, “Zombieland.” The film is very slow paced. There are scenes that drag on and seem to intentionally show you things that the writers know the audience will either be bored about or won’t care about. Like, somehow they they thought that would be funny.

For example. A scene of three kids driving their car on a rural road and having an average or pointless conversation. This is like a five or ten minute scene, where we learn nothing valuable, other than yes, driving on rural roads is indeed boring. Another is where each of the town’s cops take a turn to go in the diner to view the dead bodies inside. We are shown the same footage of the bodies each time. Like, we didn’t need to see that over and over. We (the audience) could have stayed outside and listened to bystanders talking about the weather, and we would have been more entertained.

There aren’t any scary moments, no jolting scenes that make you jump out of your seat. The best moments are some lines spoken by the people, but then they take it too far and have the people say those lines over and over throughout the movie. The movie even attempts to break the fourth wall and talk about the movie script and director. Which fits fine, since the entire movie is kinda weird.

So, would I suggest seeing it? Hard to say. Its more a movie to watch at home, with a group of friends so you can make fun of it. Its nearly on the level of so bad, its good. Like Sharknado. Except the movie added in so much boring and repetitive stuff that you’ll run out of things to mock, so you’ll still end up bored.

The Secret Life of Pets 2, movie review

This movie adds enough new content to be superior to most sequels. There are several story lines occurring at the same time, which will keep adult viewers engaged. There are cute moments, that will make you think, “my pet does that!” and of course outrageous things that will either earn an eye roll or a burst of laughter.

I’d suggest any fan of the first movie, go see this one. Kids in the theater with me were well entertained as well. The plot also had enough twists that I didn’t find it predictable. And there are some great one liners.

Pet lovers, should truly enjoy it.

Dark Phoenix, movie review

First let me say, don’t stay after the movie and wait for the extra scene after the credits. There is none. For some reason my theater kept the lights dimmed until the credits were finished, making you think there something worth waiting for. There isn’t.

I think if these movies came out quicker, the fan base might still be there. But since they are so spread out, when other franchises are able to pump their sequels out in nearly yearly installments, we as fans are now spoiled and I think this movie suffered for that. I personally kept thinking of how the actors all look different than their original counterparts from the X-men in the first set of movies. I get it, the Xmen universe, comic book version, is known for having plenty of variations to their characters, so I tried not to get hung up on that.

But the emotional impact wasn’t there that the original cast brought. The actors just weren’t as good. They are kids, which I guess was the idea, but somehow it didn’t work right. Every time the movie looked like it was going to get good… it would stop, jerking you back to the slow pace of “everything is okay.”

For a movie with a lot of action, and a very large character development, it did it all with a fizzle. Everyone was holding themselves back, and it showed, in a not good way. Maybe its because we have so many other action movies out now, maybe it was the acting, I dunno, but I left the theater feeling very “meh” about a franchise of movies I used to be very excited about.

Rocketman, movie review

I expected this to be like “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Let me start with, it is not. This movie is very much a musical, but it doesn’t do it so much that I am irritated by it, like I was in “La La Land.” But the true life based movie, did take regular scenes and have characters burst into singing. It worked okay, but it might be what makes the movie lose a few awards when the time comes.

I wasn’t bored, and the film keeps a decent pace. Fans of Elton John should enjoy seeing a side of Elton’s past that most of us probably didn’t know this clearly. I did wonder if my fellow movie goers were truly prepared for what was unfolding on the stage, there is quite a bit of drug use and homosexual sex, as Elton spirals at his worst. But to me, it was done very tastefully and shouldn’t offend anyone, but its still there, so beware.

If you want to see some fun colors, listen to some tunes, and learn a bit about an icon, its worth seeing. I’m not sure its Academy award winning… but I could be wrong. Its close.