La La Land, movie review

Hidden Figures, Movie Review

With this movie already getting five star reviews from practically everyone, I doubt you need me to tell you that I also found this to be a good film.

The acting, Oscar worthy. The plot, just enough action and comedy to keep things moving and prevent things from getting too slow. There were some bits of romance when we delved into Katharine’s home life that slowed the movie a bit, but I get why it was there. Focusing only on her career would have left some of the tale untold.

What surprised me the most about this movie wasn’t the movie itself. It was the audience it attracted. Usually, when I see a movie where the topic is black suffrage, like the Martin Luther King Jr movie “Selma” from 2014 or “Free State of Jones” from 2016, I’m the only white person in the audience. I expected something similar with “Hidden Figures.” That was not the case. This movie managed to draw in all ages, races, and genders. It seems to appeal to everyone, which is very rare for a historical movie to do.

Well done, is all I have to say. If you want to learn a new side of history, or just be entertained for a few hours, this is the movie to see.

Assassin’s Creed, movie review

The trailers for this movie made it look action packed and full of adventure. The general plot is one with loads of potential. You go back in history to see what your ancestors did! Now, I’ll admit right now that I’ve never played the video game, so bear in mind that I am watching this movie and judging it simply as that, a movie.

So, a few things. First, the action scenes are very choppy. Like how a scene looks when you hit the fast forward button and frames are skipped. I get this was done to create an effect, or maybe make people seem they are moving faster than they are, hell, maybe it was to try to shorten the length of the movie, cause two hours was way too long. It could even be that in the video game the action has that look to it. Either way, I wasn’t a fan and disliked the action scenes because of that filming choice. It made it hard to see what was going on.

The plot, confusing. I would try to explain it to you, but I can’t. I have no idea what I watched, what the goal or point was. I will tell you that every time the theater became silent, snores could be heard from other audience members… so I’m guessing I wasn’t the only person who was struggling to figure things out. Here’s an example. The main character’s mother, basically kills herself so no one can view her ancestor’s history. But the father is also shown as someone they are interested in seeing the past of and eventually they use the son to see into the past life the so called bad guys are so interested in. But why were the bad guys interested in both the mom and dad? Only one of them should have been related to the person of interest, right? See how this isn’t explained well at all, nor does it make sense?

And the acting. I imagine the director told each person this to inspire them before their scene. “You are angry, really angry, but don’t show it. You have nerves of steel, show no emotion.” Yup. Its like watching a movie of robots, who are seething with emotion underneath but refuse to show it. Everyone had the same personality–can you say boring?

All I could think while I was watching it was, this would make a good video game, if you removed the movie plot. So… go play the game, don’t see the movie.

Passengers, movie review

I wasn’t so sure I would enjoy this movie. Two people alone in space? How entertaining can that be. I mean, “The Martian” managed to pull it off and that was a movie with only one person in it, but could it be done again? Were these actors as good? Turns out the answer is yes.

Now this movie may not be as action packed as some are hoping. But it is very similar to “The Martian” in the little quips of humor and the struggle to survive when things go awry. I don’t want to say too much and give away the plot, because the plot is slightly different than the trailer leads you to believe. And this plot twist is one that shouldn’t be spoiled for anyone planning to see the movie.

The acting is very intense, well done by the entire cast. The science fiction is well thought out and realistic. In my opinion, the experience the characters are going through is something may of us can relate too. The ending does a nice job of bringing everything full circle and providing closure.

Sing, movie review

This is a cute movie for kids. Sadly the old adage of, if you saw the trailer you saw the movie, is true. Most of the jokes and plot are given away in the trailer. Each character has a personal story of growth to experience that has a moral behind it, which I think is great for kids to see. The lessons and ideas weren’t all that original, but they were good ones, so to me its okay for them to be told again in a sing-song animated movie.

The singing is great, which is to be expected. There is humor scattered throughout the film, and as I said, the plot is full of great meaning and lessons. It is more a kids movie than for adults, so I only recommend going if you are taking some youngsters with you.

Star Wars, movie review

I’m hesitating to write a review for this one because I’m sure there are lots of opinions and reviews already being circulated. Plus this is a movie people are likely going to feel very strongly about. So I’m going to start with this. I am not a die hard Star Wars fan that has memorized tons of things. I am merely a movie goer who went to see a film and judged it off that. It’s a movie.

This film to me, felt too much like fans trying to take a trip down memory lane. And really, that’s what it is. Fans of the original movie trilogy created this film.

So trying to put it aside the fact it felt like fan fiction, and view it as a plain old movie… it still fails. The first hour I was pretty bored. There are a lot of shots where you are just staring at the main character. She says nothing. The camera just stays on her serious face. Makes things move a bit slow. There is action, there are special effects, there are even some cameos from the original films.

Is it worth seeing? Sure, it’s an okay movie. Is it worth seeing over and over? No, but after you see it once I’m sure you’ll be able to gauge that on your own. And yes, seeing it in the theater would be advisable since there is a bit of action at the end of the film–where large ships that are apparently made of glass–collide and explode.

Collateral Beauty, movie review

I expected this movie to be sad, but not to the extreme that it was. I was pretty much crying the entire time. So, the trailers led me to believe the three people playing the part of Love, Time, and Death are actual supernatural people who come to visit a man who wrote them letters. The movie however, took a different direction and showed them as actors who were hired to convince the man he has lost his mind. But then as the film goes, and the ending comes into play, I was back to my original conclusion that they were supernatural. Honestly, I’m just not sure. But that adds to the mystery of the film, and the puzzlement of what is real and what isn’t.

Love, Time, and Death are hired by three business partners who work with the man who is still in mourning over the loss of his daughter. They need to prove his mental incompetence in order to sell the business and save it. He owns the controlling shares. Yes, this is a horrible thing for his friends to do, but their anguish over having to do this is shown and helps for it to be done in a manner that doesn’t make the audience member overly hate them. And as you peel the onion back, you discover that the pairings of which partner is mentoring which hired actor has more meaning than you initially see.

To me, this was a great movie. It triggered an emotional response and sparked an intellectual puzzlement in me. Not to mention the amazing acting by the entire cast.