Wicked Appetite, book review

I’ve read a few of the Stephanie Plum novels. So I was expecting the quirkiness of those books to travel over into this one. However this one does go a bit farther into the strange random comedy style because it creates its own “how the world works” rules. When a novel starts introducing magic and people with special gifts—just about anything can happen and be accepted by the reader.

The author takes full advantage of this and doesn’t hold back. The most ridiculous things happen and then, of course, its countered by some sense. Leaving the author reeling from confusion and whiplash. Don’t get me wrong, the story is highly entertaining, and I might read more of the series. But don’t expect this story to be anything like other novels you’ve read. And be prepared to be very accepting of the world you are presented with.

“Wicked Appetite” by Janet Evanovich

Seriously… I’m Kidding, book review

When I was looking for audio books this was listed as one of the best to get. Although I agree it is good and kept me highly entertained, it wasn’t what I was expecting. Ellen speaks to you, as if she is right there in the room with you. I was amazed at this talent because even though Ellen doesn’t know me at all, by the end of the book, it felt as if we were great friends.

So although this wasn’t the autobiography type book I normally expect from famous people, this was a great listen. It actually made me want to go get the written book, because there were parts she skipped over because it was exclusive to the written version. Same went for this one, there were parts only valid for the audio book.

Overall, I recommend this audio book. It’ll keep you entertained and laughing. The next time I go on a road trip, I’m going to get her other books.

“Seriously… I’m Kidding” by Ellen DeGeneres

Florence Foster Jenkins, movie review

This film is a heartfelt true story of Florence Foster Jenkins, just as the trailer and title suggest. For the most part, the movie was as expected. The part I wasn’t aware of until things started rolling, was that her devoted husband had a girlfriend. That extra bit of drama added just what the story needed to keep your curiosity peaked as to what exactly the dynamics of the shown relationships were.

This movie also taught me more about Syphilis than any sexual education class ever has. I had no idea the depths of the disease back before we had penicillin to treat it. If you want to scare someone straight in regards to unprotected sexual activity—this is the movie to show them.

The acting of everyone was amazing. And even though you would expect this kind of tale to be a bit slow paced and boring at parts, I never found that to be true. There was always some drama unfolding that you weren’t sure how it would end up.

Aside from the entertaining story, there are great lessons to be found about love, life, and great tidbits about American history and diseases in this film. I recommend it for all drama movie fans.

Star Trek Beyond, movie review

This movie has about the same feel to it that the first two movies did. So I am confident in saying if you enjoyed the first two Star Trek movies, you’ll enjoy this one.

The plot itself is good and there are plenty of twists to keep you guessing. Occasionally it felt like the actors were trying a bit too hard, but that may have been an attempt to keep the atmosphere similar to the original Star Trek series, where over-acting was the norm for the time they were created in.

My only complaint was how they made the Sulu character gay. I didn’t care about the fact they did it. It bothered me how they did it. We didn’t meet anyone else’s family, loved ones, children, ect, in this firm. Only his. It felt too much like they paused the movie just to point out to us the fact that Sulu was gay. As if that was a checkbox they needed to fill for the film. It felt forced and out of place.

Aside from that one gimmick with Sulu, the rest of the film was good and it gets a recommend to see, by me. If you are into science fiction movies.

Suicide Squad, movie review

I’m not all that familiar with the characters depicted in this movie so I was really going just to enjoy it as a movie. I wasn’t aware it was tied into the Superman/Batman movies, but it is! From what I could tell it picked up directly after Superman died in “Superman versus Batman.” So the idea of the suicide squad is some attempt at replacing the void Superman left–in a defend the world from attacks kind of thing.

The trailers don’t tell you much of the plot, so I won’t spoil it either. It has predictable moments, but doesn’t ever get boring. I may have been more entertained than most, due to my lack of background knowledge on the characters.

The acting and one liners—although some fell flat—were for the most part spot on. There’s humorous and heartwarming moments. Overall, if you like action movies, or superhero movies, this should be on your list to see.

Ice Age: Collision Course, movie review

I loved the first movie in this franchise. I must have watched it at least twenty times. The multiple sequels have been okay, until now.

Most of the dialogue was clique. All lines audiences have heard in numerous other films. The rest were observational comments. Or worse, an attempt to explain the made up science going on. I understand that this is an animated film, so we are bending reality. But this movie went way too far.  At first I was thinking kids would still enjoy it, but then a five-year-old a few seats from me was asking her dad, “How is he doing that?” So even the small children are having issues with the made up world.

I’ve never been a fan of the “Scrat” scenes. In this film they seemed to take up a good twenty minutes of the hour and half film. I don’t know if they just felt that long because they were so bad, or if they really were that long. Either way, his scenes were the most “out there” and insane.

I remember Jennifer Lopez talking up the film on American Idol. I am surprised she did this since her character had all of five words in the entire movie. That was disappointing by itself. But then I’m listening for the song the winner of American Idol is supposed to do, and he doesn’t sing until the credits are rolling. And its a remake of the song, “Dream Weaver!” So he didn’t even get to make his own song, a bit misleading from how they sold it on American Idol. I stayed to watch the credits, to verify that Trent Harmon was indeed the singer, and I never saw his name in the credits. The music just listed the producer and original songwriter, from what I could tell anyway. So those are some poorly made credits if they don’t tell you the one thing they are meant to do–tell me who did what in the film I just watched!

All in all, I suggest not seeing this movie. The only kids who would enjoy this film are children who are too young to be in a movie theater. By that I mean, your six-month-old might enjoy watching the pretty pictures on the screen.

Secret Life of Pets, movie review

Disney hit the mark correctly on this film. I was not bored for a second during the movie, and from what I could see of the children in attendance, they too were enjoying themselves. The jokes are a constant hit, there’s a mix that will appeal to both adults and children. The lead cat in the movie does all these little things in the background that make you go, “Yup, a cat would do that.” Like sitting in a box too small for her—they are things that just happen and if you aren’t paying attention you’ll miss it. The movie is full of little trinkets like that. So you may find yourself laughing alone if you are the only person in the theater to notice the hidden jokes.

The plot, well, I knew from the first few minutes it was going to be a, “at first we hate each other but by the end of the movie we are best friends,” kind of thing. But the road to get there was highly entertaining.

All in all, this movie is a must see for kids and adults alike.


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