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‘My Little Pony’ tattoos sweeping country in anti-bullying campaign after boy’s suicide attempt

The now week-long craze at tattoo parlors in Louisiana, Texas and Connecticut follows the tragic suicide attempt by 11-year-old Michael Morones of Durham, N.C. A tattoo parlor owner in Lake Charles, La., says he’s been booked every day for the pony tattoos. The proceeds go toward Michael’s recovery.

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Very inspirational!

The LEGO Movie, seen in theaters

Even though this was advertised as a children’s movie, the trailers made it seem hilarious for all ages so I was very eager to see it. We waited and went to a weeknight evening showing, and effectively avoided the mobs of children. There were literally ten people in the theater with us.
Much like the trailers display, the dialog is one witty punch line after another. At first the plot seemed a little… childish and I was worried it might be going nowhere. Then I was confused and actually had to ask my husband what the “relic” was. I was only seeing the story from the LEGO’s perspective and was missing the big picture. Once he filled me in, I saw the story from a whole new aspect. There is even a surprise twist toward the end.
The computer animation is so amazing you’ll find yourself wondering if they made it with stop-motion animation (I checked, they did not). If you are into the 3D movies, I would recommend spending the extra money and seeing it in 3D. We did not, because I just don’t like the 3D movies. But this one would have been cool to see.
The movie also has a moral to it, which is rare in movies these days. So I highly suggest taking your kids. The LEGO Company definitely knew what they were doing when they made this one. From a certain angle you could argue the movie was nothing but a giant commercial. But it was a pretty darn good commercial if you ask me.

“The Nut Job” Seen in theaters

I went to this movie with a friend and her kids. I’ll admit I waited a few weeks before posting a review of the movie. Mostly because there just isn’t much to say about it. It was an enjoyable movie. But… there was nothing about the movie to make it… special. Good theme, good characters, plenty of humor. Would I suggest seeing it? Sure, especially if you have kids. From what I saw of the kids I was with and the others in the theater, it was a smash hit with the younger crowd. But for those of us who are older… you may find it a bit predictable. I think the whole woodland creature theme has just been a bit overdone as of late.

The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature