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Captain America

I used to be that guy who watched all of the movies that correlated to the new film before I went to see the new installment. But Marvel has simply made too many for that to be plausible. I mean, the tv shows alone, I’ve never watched and am now so far behind… So I just went and judged the film as a standalone. Which is hard to do, because the film is nearly force-ably interwoven with all the other movies. Which left me feeling out of the loop and not sure if I was missing pieces of the story because I’d missed some tv special or if the gap was intention.

Aside from my confusion as to the multiple story lines, I was also annoyed with the action scenes. They were done in this stop-go fashion that make them not seem done in real time. As if the people are moving at superhuman speeds and we are only able to see them between rapid eye blinks. Really, it just made it hard to figure out what was going on.

What I took from this plot was, rather than create a new enemy, the idea was to pit the characters against each other, all so we can watch them fight and see their awesome powers. I did like the fact that we are now being shown the negative side and the “what happens” after the world is rescued. We are seeing the collateral damage, the people who aren’t so pleased that these heroes showed up. What hurt this movie, is the fact this is the third movie in the last few months to tackle this issue… so it’s already getting a bit old.

I’ll still go see the next movies that come out, because they are usually good for a few laughs and the story is entertaining. But do be prepared to feel a little left out if you aren’t a diehard fan.


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